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Indigo Dragon Center of Health


Ligani Acupuncture was created with the intention of healing the body and mind by using the sacred elements of the earth. Acupuncture, herbal plant medicines, food nourishment, essential oils, cupping and meditation are these natural elements that allow the balance of energy, blood, hormones and mind of the body.


The space that I work, Indigo Dragon Center, has been created to provide a magical place for people to rest and grow.  The space offers a variety of healing modalities, along with acupuncture, to use as a transformational approach to wellbeing.  We have used Feng Shui, crystal rocks, water fountains, plants, art, and yoga to create a community of people who are reaching towards a common goal of health and life awakening through earth beauty.

At Indigo my hope as a practitioner is to provide patients a safe, gentle, nurturing space to heal and grow. 



My vision as a healer, is to create a conscious, healthy community of earth dwellers.  By introducing the plants and energy modalities I hope to empower people to respect and take care of self, others and earth in a joyful, and spiritual way. 


 This site offers information about the wellness center, insurance and resources that explain how acupuncture can help your body and mind. 

Please contact us with any questions you might have.                                                     







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